Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to train your Luke.

Luke is already better trained than Jack will every be.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More than slightly freaking out.

I am going back to work. An out of the house, have to wear non Lycra pants, Monday - Friday job. I have been at home either part time or full time being pregnant or chasing babies since June 2010. I am so excited to be interacting with grownups, wearing all of my now too big work clothes, and most importantly, getting a paycheck. Even though I'm thrilled to be working again, I'm freaking the F out!

I haven't worked full time since June 2010! None of my clothes fit! I have to wear real pants and shower....every day?!?! How am I going to shower, get ready, keep my pants from falling down while getting two one year old crazy climbing babies fed and ready for the day?

Yes, I know that billions of families do this everyday and that a new routine will fall into place. But for now, I freak out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What we are loving in February.

The crazy babies have really developed different likes and opinions. These are some things they are loving this month:

Luke loves anything that gets a reaction out of me. He loves making me laugh and secretly loves when he is upset because he loves a good hug and snuggle. Luke loves running into the kitchen in the morning, chanting "nana nana nana" (banana), while swaying back and forth. He loves showing me where the ice comes from and banging on the freezer door until given a cube. His favorite game is knocking on a closed door and looking underneath to see who is on the other side. Luke is still loving my hair and loves to play in the basement. Recently he started loving Jack's teeth. Jack is obviously thrilled by this.

Luke loves feeding himself.

Calvin loves to climb. He climbs the tv stand, kitchen chairs, high chairs, book shelf, and basement toy shelf. When caught climbing he claps his hands and squeals with delight. It's an exhausting game. He loves his blankie which can usually be found within arms reach. He loves stacking Legos and looking at books. His favorite toy is the Noah's Arc which he keeps very organized with all the animals safe inside. Calvin has a new love for Blue's Clues and yells back at the tv. He loves playing in the basement shower and splashing his brother.

Calvin loves chewing his spoon.

Both the crazies are loving anything banana, with cheese, or marinara sauce, and torturing Jack.

We are all still hating molars.